Newport Discovery Guide Affiliate Program

Thank you for your interest in promoting our e-book “Ultimate Newport Vacation”.

For each sale you refer, you’ll earn a 50% commission.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You must complete and return a W-9 tax form to us. This is absolutely necessary for tax purposes. In the event that you earn $600 or more in commissions for the year, we must send you a 1099 form. The form only takes a minute to fill out. You can download it here.
  2. Once you’ve submitted your W9 to us, we’ll send you the link to create your affiliate account.
  3. Once your affiliate account is created, you can begin promoting "Ultimate Newport Vacation" on your website, blog and by sending e-mails out to your list. Be sure to use your affiliate link so you earn the commission.
  4. We can pay out your commissions either through your PayPal account or we can mail you a check (You'll have to provide us with your mailing address). If you don’t already have a PayPal account, they’re very easy to set up. Click here to create your PayPal account.
  5. You will earn a 50% commission on every sale that comes from your affiliate link.
  6. Each visitor who clicks on your affiliate link will get a 6 month cookie set in their browser. That means that if they arrive on our sales page as a result of your affiliate link, as long as it is within 6 months of the original visit, you’ll still get credit for the sale.
  7. Commission payments are paid out at the end of the following month. Since we offer a 30 day money back guarantee, we need to allow time for any refunds or reversals to be processed. For example: You refer a sale on September 25th. Your payment will go out at the end of October.
That's about it. So fill out and return your W-9 form as soon as possible, and we'll send you the link to get your affiliate account going!

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Earnings Disclaimer/Affiliate Agreement

We have to include the following for legal purposes. Please read it and make sure you agree before continuing with our affiliate program.

By opting to participate in our affiliate program, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

  1. All participants in this affiliate program must be 18 years of age. We reserve the right to accept or deny any affiliate.
  2. Affiliate must be in good standing with the Federal Trade Commission and in compliance with all FTC guidelines and the terms and conditions of this agreement.
  3. Affiliates will be immediately removed from this affiliate program if the affiliate, in its marketing,
    • promotes sexually explicit or violent material
    • promotes discrimination of any kind (race, religion, sex, etc.)
    • contains unlawful or copyrighted material
    • promotes illegal activity
    • sends out spam (unsolicited)e-mail
    • or any other reason that we find unsuitable
  4. We reserve the right to cancel any pending commissions and disqualify any affiliate who we feel is engaging in inappropriate behavior. We also reserve the right to amend and cancel this agreement at any time, without notification to affiliates.
  5. Commission payments will be sent to affiliates once every 30 to 45 days (either by PayPal or check), until all payments owed to affiliate are made. If there is a refund or cancelled sale for any reason, the affiliate will have that commission deducted from the amount owed to him/her. Sales as the result of spam or credit card fraud will not earn commissions. We reserve the right to change the terms and dates of affiliate commission payouts at any time without notice to affiliate.
  6. All affiliates must complete and return a W-9 tax form to us before they are eligible to join the affiliate program and receive any commission payments.
  7. Affiliates are responsible for ensuring that they use the proper affiliate links during their promotions. We will not be held responsible if affiliate fails to maintain and promote their links properly.
  8. Affiliates agree to indemnify and hold harmless Newport Discovery Guide, Inc. and its founder, Paul West, an individual, from and against any and all losses, claims, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses (including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney fees) which affiliate may be subject to or incur in connection with this promotion, except those claims that are judicially determined to have resulted from promoter’s gross negligence or willful misconduct.
  9. The relationship between the parties may be terminated by either party on 30 days written notice prior to termination. Upon termination, it is understood that all of the above will remain in effect for perpetuity.
  10. This is not a "get rich quick" deal. We make no guarantees that you'll earn any money by becoming an affiliate.
  11. None of the statements on this page are to be construed as a promise or guarantee of earnings.
  12. Your success is based on a number of factors, including, but not limited to: your skills, abilities, audience, marketing methods, financial situation and luck.
  13. We cannot and will not guarantee your success or earnings, as stipulated by law.
  14. In using this site and becoming an affiliate, you agree to release us from any and all claims of liability. This includes direct or indirect damages or claims. You agree to take accountability for your own results.
  15. You agree to abide by this Affiliate Agreement and conduct yourself and your business with integrity. This means that you do not spam your clients/customers and you follow all FTC guidelines.
  16. This agreement constitutes the entire understanding of the Parties and may be modified only by Newport Discovery Guide Inc.
If you have any questions about this agreement, we can be reached at:

Newport Discovery Guide Inc.
21938 Remsen Terrace #201
Boca Raton, FL 33433
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