Bike route from First Beach to the Newport Folk Festival?

by Anonymous

1st Beach to Fort Adams

1st Beach to Fort Adams

1st Beach to Fort Adams
Fort Adams
Bob Dylan perfoms at the Newport Folk Festival


What's the best bike route from 1st Beach to the Newport Folk Festival?


Here's the best route (courtesy of Google Maps), which should only take you about 15 minutes...

  1. Head up the hill on Memorial Boulevard.
  2. Take a left on Bellevue Avenue heading south.
  3. Take a right on Webster Street.
  4. Take a left on Thames Street.
  5. Thames turns into Carroll Avenue.
  6. Take a right on Harrison Avenue.
  7. Follow Harrison all the way to the entrance to Fort Adams State Park (Fort Adams Drive).

Once you're at the park, just follow the traffic all the way to the end of Fort Adams Drive, which will lead you to the fort's North Lawn.

***For a closer view on some cool maps, check out our Getting Around page.

Enjoy the show!

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