Newport Rhode Island

The Ultimate New England Vacation Destination

Newport Rhode Island's breathtaking coastal views, architectural beauty and rich history have made “America's 1st Resort” a must see destination.

As a native Newporter, I'm well versed in its history, the lay of the land and the multitude of exciting attractions and activities you will want to take in while you're here.

Allow me the opportunity to show you all that the "City by the Sea" has to offer you and your family.

Who knows, you may enjoy yourself so much that you'll want to visit Newport every summer!

Newport is everything a great vacation destination should be. The list of things to do here is endless. In one day, you could find yourself going from:

Breakers Mansion - Summer home of the Vanderbilt family

I love and appreciate Newport more and more as time goes on, and I know you will too!

Who knows, you may love it so much that you won't want to leave!

Whether you're a couple, family or traveling alone, the "City by the Sea" offers everything you're looking for in a vacation, summer home or even a new permanent residence. I know, because I've had the pleasure of growing up and living here for many years!

Begin your discovery of historic Newport RI with a native who knows his way around.

Let me guide you on what to see and do...where to shop and where to eat...where to drink and where to relax.

Gooseberry Beach

(Photo courtesy of Gregory Allan West, Jr.)

Are you ready?

OK, let's go!

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Newport Rhode Island Blog
The Newport Rhode Island Blog keeps you updated on all the additions and changes I make to Subscribe here.
Newport Discovery Guide's Facebook Page
Check out our Facebook page to get full access to Newport Discovery Guide's photo albums. We can't put everything on the website, so this is where the rest of the pictures end up.
Newport RI - From A Newport Native's Perspective
Let a native Newporter show you around Newport RI, America's 1st Resort! I'll show you the best Newport Rhode Island hotels, Newport mansions and Rhode Island beaches.
Newport RI Weather - What's the forecast for the "City by the Sea"?
Be sure to check the Newport RI weather forecast before visiting. Whether sailing, shopping, sightseeing or laying on the beach, it helps to be informed!
Travel To Newport Rhode Island
Travel to Newport Rhode Island and enjoy our historic city. Newport Rhode Island restaurants, shops, mansions and beaches will make your stay a memorable one.
Rhode Island Map - Getting Around Newport RI
Get around Newport with a Rhode Island map and help from a native Newporter.
Newport Rhode Island Hotels - History, charm and luxury
Let a Newport native show you which Newport Rhode Island Hotels to stay in during your amazing trip to the "City by the Sea"!
Newport Rhode Island Restaurants... Dine on the Waterfront in Style
What's so great about Newport Rhode Island Restaurants? Is it their historic charm, stunning waterfront views, mouth-watering food or extensive wine lists? How about all of the above!
Newport Rhode Island Bars - Some come to sail and shop and some come to drink!
Newport Rhode Island Bars, after the sailing, mansions and beaches, are the reason to come enjoy a summer in the "City by the Sea"!
Newport Rhode Island Shopping - The "City by the Sea is a shopper's dream!
Newport Rhode Island Shopping is one of the most enjoyable aspects of your visit. The history and scenery are great, but the shopping is to die for!
Things To Do In Newport Rhode Island - There's something for everyone here!
The list of things to do in Newport Rhode Island is endless. Mansions, beaches, shopping, sailing.....should I go on? Restaurants, bars, nightclubs, museums, food, film and music festivals.
Newport RI Attractions - The list of scenic and historic sites is endless!
There are so many Newport RI attractions that it would take you months to see them all. If you can't visit for that long, then choose some of the best from below.
Newport Cliff Walk - Explore the breathtaking views on this world famous trail
The Newport Cliff Walk is one of the most popular attractions in the "City by the Sea". Enjoy the stunning views of the New England shoreline and the Newport mansions in this 3.5 mile trek.
Newport RI Events - There is always something going on in the "City by the Sea"
There are so many amazing Newport RI Events happening throughout the year. Come check out our boat shows, food, music and film festivals, and sporting events.
Newport Mansions - Experience the opulence of these amazing "summer cottages"
The Newport Mansions are one of the best reasons to visit the "City by the Sea". Experience what it was like to live like the Astors, Vanderbilts and Doris Duke!
Ocean Drive - Ten miles of historic landmarks and stunning coastal views
Newport's famous Ocean Drive travels along the southern coast of Aquidneck Island. The best spot in Newport for a bike ride, picinicking, fishing and just watching the ocean.
Sail Newport - Boat Shows, Harbor Tours, Charters and Sailing Lessons
Sail Newport - Enjoy amazing scenic tours of Newport's coastline, learn how to sail and explore the rich history of the sailing capital of the world.
Newport RI Real Estate - Find Your Dream Home in the "City by the Sea"
Check out the Newport RI Real Estate market. You just might find the perfect summer cottage, second home or rental property.
Newport RI Wedding - Celebrate your special day in the "City by the Sea"!
Your Newport RI wedding, whether it's held in a Gilded Age mansion, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, or right on the beach, will be a special day that you'll never forget!
Newport Shop - Cool products for your home, office or to give as gifts!
The Newport Shop offers products such as mousepads, coffee mugs, journals, magnets, postcards and keepsake boxes. The perfect place to do some gift shopping!
Newport RI - From the Vault #1
Check out these old Newport RI photos. I'll try to open the vault every so often and post some of these great shots of the "City by the Sea".
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