Bonfire on Gooseberry Beach?

by Lesly Pineyro
(North Providence, RI)

Easton's Beach

Easton's Beach

Easton's Beach Gooseberry Beach


Now I know that one is allowed on the beach even if not belonging to the club...but I was wondering if i wanted to go down w/ some friends and light a bonfire if that was allowed ....and what kind of bonfire is allowed ? thank you Lesly :)

My response:

Hi Lesly,

Unfortunately, bonfires are not allowed on any Newport beaches. Just to be sure I checked with the city, and they confirmed.

You can still enjoy the beaches during the day, but if you're looking something to do at night, there's plenty of other things going on all around town.

Check out my friends' great websites for more up to date info on Newport RI events and nightlife:

Melody Mulcahey's


Christian Winthrop's

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