Newport Rhode Island

"Welcome to The City by the Sea"

Newport Rhode Island is known for its breathtaking coastal views, waterfront restaurants, yachting history, legendary music festivals, opulent mansions and shopping galore. 

newport rhode islandGoat Island Lighthouse and the Newport Bridge

The city has gone by a bunch of names over the years:

  • The City by the Sea
  • America's First Resort
  • America's Society Capital
  • Sailing Capital of World

The list goes on and on...I just call it home, since I was fortunate to be born and live here for many years.

newport mansionsOchre Court Mansion - View from Cliff Walk

If you're looking for the ultimate New England vacation destination, look no further.  Newport Rhode Island has pretty much everything you'd want:

  • Historic attractions
  • World-class accommodations
  • Waterfront restaurants
  • Relaxing beaches
  • Food, film and music festivals

And much, much more!

newport ri attractionsNewport Tower at Touro Park

I created this site back in 2009 and it grew to almost 200 pages pretty quickly.  

I put up a bunch of pages featuring reviews of some of Newport's best attractions, events, accommodations, restaurants, etc.

ocean drive newport ri

I also shared a ton of my favorite photos that were taken all over the city, and many from my family's archive (very cool old-school shots of Fort Adams, beaches, mansions and various other shots from around town).

fort adams newport riU.S. Army - Fort Adams

Although I enjoyed being able to provide reviews of so many of Newport's best accommodations, attractions, events, establishments and more, I just don't have the time to do so, since I no longer live in Newport.

So what I've decided to do is leave up most of the original pages that were created between 2009 and 2012 (feel free and browse them from the navigation on the left), but move in a different direction going forward...

castle hill newport riView of Narragansett Bay from Castle Hill Inn & Resort

Going forward, we'll mostly be sharing just photos and videos...we'll share many of them here on our blog and hopefully many more on our Facebook and Instagram pages (Instagram page coming soon).

So take a look around, enjoy all the photos and videos and hopefully you'll visit Newport in the near future to fully experience the beauty of the "City by the Sea"!

rochambeau statue newport harborRochambeau Statue Guarding Newport Harbor

If you're not sure where to start, check out a couple of my favorite pages:

Newport Cliff Walk and Fort Adams (my grandfather and his family served in the U.S. Army and lived in the Fort for a time, so it's definitely one of my favorite attractions).


Newport Rhode Island - City by the Sea

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