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Breakers Mansion

Breakers Mansion


We will be in Newport in late September on a Princess cruise. Considering a tour that goes to Breakers and Marble House.

My wife has MS and uses a 4 wheel rollator and walks fairly well with limits. I am wondering how far it is from where the tour buses park to the entrance to the building where the tour starts?

Once inside, I know the guide takes you somewhere and then talks for a while. She can sit on her rollator while listening.

I am also wondering if disabled people are able to use an elevator to get to the 2nd story?

Brian Griffin


Hi Brian. Sorry for the delayed response. I've been off the grid for awhile and just saw your questions now.

Per the Newport Mansions website:

"The Breakers and Rosecliff are fully wheelchair accessible. Marble House and The Elms are partially wheelchair accessible. For detailed information about access for visitors with special needs, please call (401) 847-1000."

I could attempt to recall the proximity of the parking to the entrance, but you'll get a much more accurate answer from them. Hope this helps and you enjoy your visit!


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