Breakers Mansion and Cliff Walk

by Rose
(New Jersey)

Breakers mansion - Newport RI

Breakers mansion - Newport RI


I want to visit the Breakers Mansion and maybe one other one and do the Cliff walk (but maybe not the whole way in one day because I will have my kids with me).

I will be driving in - what do you think - can I park at the Breakers and after my tour be able to access the Cliff Walk from there, or are there only limited entrances to the cliff walk, so I will have to park somewhere else?


Hi Rose!

Fortunately, you can access the Cliff Walk from Ruggles Avenue, which is just steps south of The Breakers. So you don't have to go far at all or move your car.

I'm not sure how old your kids are or how far you want to walk. You may want to walk north from The Breakers, towards Narragansett Avenue (Ochre Court) and the beginning of Cliff Walk at Memorial Boulevard (Easton's Beach).

The southern portion is a little rougher and the walking paths aren't as safe, so you may want to avoid that part.

You can go a little south and see Rosecliff (scenes from the movies The Great Gatsby and True Lies were filmed there) and Marble House, but maybe not too far past that.

No matter which direction or how far you go, I know you'll love the views and enjoy it!

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