Jane Pickens Theater

by Ricardo Haro
(Providence, RI)

The Strand Theater (now Jane Pickens Theater)

The Strand Theater (now Jane Pickens Theater)


My name is Ricardo, I'm studying at RISD my master in Interior Architecture and I'm making a documentation on the Jane Pickens Theater history, its more related to architecture, and saw in the website that you have a good photo about it, so I was wondering if by any chance you have more information about it.

Im researching about when do they removed the column, what kind of changes have been to the building and when, and information like that.

Me and some of my school partners have been researching and making autocad drawing about this place because is going to be used for the next semester for a studio proposal.

Thank you and I hope you can help me a bit, thank you for your time


My response:

Hey Ricardo! That sounds like a really interesting project.

I don't have any information about the structural history of the building, but you should check with the Newport Historical Society. You may be able to find the info there.

Here's their website and contact info: http://www.newporthistorical.org/index.php/guidelines-for-research-at-the-newport-historical-society/

Good luck and let us know how you make out.


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