Celtica Irish Pub

Sustenance - Merriment - Cheer

Celtica Irish Pub
95 Long Wharf
Newport, RI 02840

Celtica Public House, located right on Long Wharf across from Newport Harbor, is a great location for you to enjoy a pint of Guinness while you get in touch with your Irish roots!

Celtica Irish Pub Newport RI

This is a really cool place. It's got nice leather couches and flat-screen plasma televisions to watch games on. They also hold monthly traditional Irish music sessions, and on Fridays, they have a complimentary buffet from 5-7pm.

Although the menu isn't too extensive, the food is good and there are some great selections:

  • New England Clam Chowder
  • Crab Cakes
  • Stuffed Quahogs
  • Lobster Rolls
  • Panini Grilled Sandwiches
  • Hot Dogs
  • Chicken Wings
Celtica Irish Pub Newport RI

And of course, they've got a great selection of beers, ales and lagers, such as:

  • Bass
  • Guinness
  • Harp
  • Killian's
  • Newport Storm
  • Stella Artais
  • Smithwick's
If you happen to be staying at the Marriott or the Hyatt, then this location should be first on your list when visiting Newport's bar scene. It is just across the Goat Island causeway from the Hyatt, and just steps from the Mariott.

If you've just finished an afternoon of shopping at Brick Market Place or Long Wharf Mall, then just cross America's Cup Avenue, pass the Gap and the pub is on your right.

Of the many Newport Rhode Island bars, this one stands out from the rest. Its physical distance from the rest of the city's bars and its unique cast of characters will ensure you won't forget it.

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