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From the Vault #1

I hope you enjoy these Newport RI photos from the vault. I'll try to post more of these as often as I can.

It's been both enjoyable and educational looking at these and learning more about Newport's rich history.

I'm fortunate to have family members who remember much of this history and have been able to pass it down through the generations with great stories and photos.

Bailey's Beach

newport ri

When not throwing lavish parties at their Newport mansions on Bellevue Avenue, this is the beach where America's elite bathed during the Gilded Age in Newport.

Bellevue Avenue at Bailey's Beach

newport ri

Newport Cliff Walk

I'm not positive, but I think this is the very end of the Newport Cliff Walk at Reject's Beach.
newport ri

Trolley going down Bath Road (now Memorial Boulevard) toward Easton's Beach

newport ri

Easton's Beach - boardwalk and dance pavillion

newport ri

I always love to see the fashions from different eras. Check out all the suits on the boardwalk. It's funny how much clothing people wore to the beach back then.

Swimming pool at Easton's Beach

newport ri

My paternal grandfather, who was an avid swimmer, used to tell me how much he loved swimming and diving at the pool at Easton's Beach. Unfortunately, the Hurricane of 1938 destroyed it (along with the roller coaster), and it was never rebuilt.

The Peanut Man

newport ri

I'm not sure where this gentleman was selling peanuts from, but while looking through these photos with my grandmother, she definitely recognized him. As soon as I flipped to this photo, she called out: "That's the Peanut Man".

The Short Line bus

newport ri

Bellevue Avenue

newport ri

This is the northern portion of Bellevue Avenue, now the site of the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

The Strand Theater

newport ri

The troops gather to watch "Behind the Enemy Front" at the Strand Theater on Washington Square. The Strand was renamed the Jane Pickens Theatre in 1974.

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