The Breakers Tickets & Trinity Church

by Bev

The Breakers

The Breakers

Bev is going to see 2 amazing Newport RI attractions, Trinity Church and The Breakers mansion. She had some questions that others may find informative as well:


Question: Do I have to purchase tickets in advance, or can I purchase them (cost) at The Breakers on the day of my visit (9/12/10)?

Answer: You can purchase tickets at The Breakers. The cost for adults is $19. Kids 6-17 cost $5.

Question: What is the latest I can begin my tour in order to be back for the tender to Caribbean Princess Cruise that leaves @ 4:00 PM?

Answer: You should give yourself close to 90 minutes to tour The Breakers. The latest you should start your tour would be 1:30 or 2:00pm. That way you'll be done by 3:30 and can get back to the dock by 4:00.

Question: How do I arrange for transportation back to the tender dock (cost)?

Answer: Since it seems you might be on a tight schedule, I wouldn't wait for the bus or trolley. I'd take a taxi, which shouldn't cost you more than $10-15 since it's only a few miles from The Breakers to the dock.

Cozy Cab 401-846-2500 or Orange Cab 401-841-0030

Question: I'm going to attend the 10:00 AM church service at Trinity Episcopal Church and stay for the tour afterwards. How long is the service? The tour?

How can I get from Trinity Church to The Breakers - trolley (where do I get on & cost) or taxi (cost)?

Answer: I'm not sure about the length of the service or the tour. Their office is open Tuesday. I'll see if I can find out then and get back to you.

Again, because of your time constraints, I'd take a taxi from Trinity Church to The Breakers. It's only about 2 miles and should cost less than $10.

Thanks for your help. Your website is great!


P.S. As I retired teacher, you are spot-on with your "no dumb questions" comment!


Thanks for your great questions Bev. I hope you enjoy your day in Newport!

Feel free to share some of your photos and/or stories with us when you get home.


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