Do the large cruise ships dock near the mansions?

by Eileen
(Naples, FL)

The Breakers

The Breakers

Since we can only select one tour, the mansion tour sounded the best to me. do you agree?

By the way, you have a fantastic website. Much better info than the cruise line provides.

Fodor your heart out!!!!

We are only in Newport for 8 hrs and at the behest of the cruise tour schedule, but I have a feeling we may hone in at another vacation time to spend more time in your city, and they can thank you.


Paul's response:

Hi Eileen. Thank you for the kind words.

I do agree that if you only have a short time in town, you should definitely check out one of the Newport mansions. The cruise ships don't dock on the same side of the island as the mansions, but they are only a 5-10 minute ride from Newport Harbor. You can take a taxi or catch a trolley at the Visitor's Center (just north of the harbor) on America's Cup Avenue.

If I could only see one, I'd choose The Breakers. It's the largest and most opulent of them all. Then on the way back to the ship, grab some lunch at the Black Pearl (best Clam Chowder in Newport) or 22 Bowen's.

I hope you enjoy your stay and get to spend some more time at a later date.

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