Newport RI

From the Vault #4Random shots from around town

Here are some more

great old photos of Newport RI. Some were labeled on the back, and on others we weren't so lucky.

If you know where any of these shots were taken, or would like to venture a guess, please contact me and let me know what you think.

Be sure and click on each image for a larger view.

I don't know the date or location for this one, but it looks quite old to me when I see that bathing attire.

Check out the 2 brave souls on the left, fishing out on that thin plank of wood. An encounter with a strong wind gust or a tough fish would've caused them to go for an unplanned swim!

newport ri

I'm not sure about this one either. It's most likely a home around the Ocean Drive, but which one?

Contact me if you have an idea.

newport ri

On the back of this photo it says this is of the White Horse Tavern. I think it's actually in the background on the right. Zoom in on the image for a closer look.

I can also make out the following on the building in the center:

  • George W. Callahan Horseshoer
  • Hayman and Nason House Sign and Fresco Painting
newport ri

All I can make out on this one is that the name of the ship was Memphis City. I don't know if it was docked on Long Wharf, or maybe Fort Adams?

newport ri

The next shot is of Long Wharf. You can see Carter's Little Liver Pills painted on the fence, and I was also able to make out the following:

  • Junk Store
  • Wm. B. Groff Boats to Let
  • Newport Colony House way in the background
    newport ri

    This shot could be somewhere on Thames Street. The signs in the windows say: "Moved to 345 Thames Street".

    newport ri

    A nice little summer cottage out along the Ocean Drive.

    newport ri

    I'm unable to determine the location of this shot, but I can make out some signs:

    • Newport Paper Company
    • Wm. S. Hazard Furniture Repairs
    • Sam Lee Laundry
    • Ice Cream Shop
    newport ri

    This one said "Spring Street" on the back.

    I can make out a laundromat on the right. I'm not positive, but this looks to me like the area between Mary and Touro Streets.

    newport ri

    This is Beechbound, a Scottish castle originally designed for Mr. William F. Burden (Burden Iron Company) by Peabody and Stearns in 1895.

    Located at 127 Harrison Avenue, this property has an incredible view of Newport Harbor and is neighbored by the equally impressive Beacon Rock property.

    newport ri

    I hope you've enjoyed these old Newport RI photos from the vault. If you want to see more old photos like these click on the link below to see previous updates.

    And don't forget... if you'd like to share any of your own Newport photos and/or stories, we'd love to see and hear them.

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