What to pack?

by Teresa

Bannister's Wharf on a beautiful day

Bannister's Wharf on a beautiful day


I will be visiting Newport June 24th-30th. Could you please enlighten me as to what I should pack as far as clothing goes for day & evenings.

Thanks so much,


Newport Discovery Guide's reply:


Thanks for your great question!

At the end of June, the average high is about 80 and the average low is about 60. So depending on what you're doing, you can wear whatever you'll be most comfortable in.

Be sure to check the weather forecast each morning before heading out. It does rain occasionally, so you may want to keep an umbrella in your bag just in case.

You should be fine in shorts (or skirts or a sun dress) and t-shirts during the day, especially if you're doing a lot of walking around sightseeing and shopping.

At night it'll cool down a little, so if you get chilly easily you may want to wear pants and a light jacket or sweater. If you're going to be going out on a boat tour you should definitely bring a jacket.

Most restaurants have casual dress codes, and some of the finest establishments even allow shorts! As long as you're not wearing hats, tank-tops and torn jeans, you'll be welcome in most places.

If you're going to some of the more upscale restaurants like the White Horse Tavern or Castle Hill Inn and Resort for dinner, then the dress is business casual (men should wear a jacket).

Enjoy your trip!

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